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Duport TMR Equipment
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(559) 741-0404
(559) 741-0404

Products / Truck Mounted / 1400 TM


Model 1400



Empty Weight (lbs.) 21,500
Empty Weight (kgs) 9,773
Height* (in.) 97
Height* (cm) 247
W/10" Extension* (in.) 107
W/10" Extension* (cm) 272
Overall Width** (in.) 120
Overall Width** (cm) 305
Overall Length** (in.) -
Overall Length** (cm) -
Min. HP Req.*** 400
Capacity W/10" Extension (cu. ft.) 1312
Capacity W/10" Extension (cu. m) 37.2
Capacity Struck Level (cu. ft.) 1157
Capacity Struck Level (cu. m) 32.8
* Height from top of truck frame to the top of processor.

** Overall width and length dependent on options and make/model of truck used.

*** Horsepower requirements dependent on weight and commodity mix. Trucks must be equipped with diesel engine. (Additional truck mount specifications available on request.)

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacturing of equipment, specifications and technical data are subject to change without incurring any obligation on goods purchased.


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12750 Avenue 336
Visalia, CA, 93291
Phone: 559.741.0404
Fax: 559.741.0477

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